Sky Arena Halloween Event 2 - Halloween Party!

Welcome to Summoners War's Halloween Party!

summoners war costume

Event 1. Free Entrance to the Trial of Ascension (Oct. 25th - Oct. 26th)

No Energy will be consumed when entering the Trial of Ascension during the event!
Now's your chance to clear all 100 floors!

Free Entrance Times
1st: 1pm - 2pm PDT
2nd: 9pm - 10pm PDT

Event 2. Remove your Runes for FREE! (Oct. 31st)

Remove as many Runes as you want without paying a single Mana Stone!
* Please make sure to restart the game to take advantage of this event if you're logged in at the start of the event.

Event 3. Halloween Dungeon (Oct. 24th - Nov. 2nd)

The Secret Dungeon will be open every day during the event hours!
(Open from noon to noon of the next day.)

Secret Dungeon Schedule
24th 12pm - 25th 12pm PDT: Dark Werewolf Secret Dungeon
25th 12pm - 26th 12pm PDT: Dark Surprise Box Secret Dungeon
26th 12pm - 27th 12pm PDT: Dark Monster Flower Secret Dungeon
27th 12pm - 28th 12pm PDT: Dark Ghost Secret Dungeon
28th 12pm - 29th 12pm PDT: Dark Mimick Secret Dungeon
29th 12pm - 30th 12pm PDT: Dark Horned Frog Secret Dungeon
30th 12pm - 31st 12pm PDT: Dark Sandman Secret Dungeon
31st 12pm - Nov. 1st 12pm PDT: Dark Grim Reaper Secret Dungeon
Nov. 1st 12pm - Nov. 2nd 12pm PDT: Light Surprise Box Secret Dungeon

Surprise Dungeons of Angelmon/Rainbowmon/Devil will open during the event!
(Dungeons of Rainbowmon and Devilmon can be cleared only once.)

Surprise Dungeon Schedule
Oct. 26th 12am - Oct. 27th 12am : Devilmon (One day)
Nov. 1st 11am - 12pm: Water Angelmon
Nov. 1st 7pm - 8pm: Fire Angelmon
Nov. 1st 10pm - 11pm: Wind Angelmon
Nov. 2nd 12am - Nov. 3rd 12am: Rainbowmon (One day)
Nov. 2nd 11am - 12pm: Fire Angelmon
Nov. 2nd 7pm - 8pm: Wind Angelmon
Nov. 2nd 10pm - 11pm: Water Angelmon

  • Devilmons are used to level up Monster skills.
  • You'll get 1 Devilmon when you clear the Devilmon Dungeon.
  • The Dungeon will open during the event and you can clear this dungeon only once.

  • Acquire Angelmons that will help your Monsters grow stronger!
  • The Angelmon Dungeon consists of 3 stages which are split by difficulty levels. You can loot an Angelmon of the designated attribute by chance by clearing the dungeon.
  • You'll be able to loot a normal Angelmon from the 1st stage, an Angelmon with a higher level from the 2nd stage, and an awakened Angelmon from the 3rd stage.

  • Rainbow Angelmons are best used as evolving material.
  • You can loot either a 2-Star or 3-Star Rainbow Angelmon at their MAX Level.
  • This Dungeon opens only during the Event, and can only be cleared once. The Dungeon will be locked after you've cleared it.
Event Details
- Please restart the game to participate in the events if you're logged in at the start of the event.


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