Summoners War v1.3.1.1 Auto Update Notice (Android Only)

Hello Summoners

There will be an auto update to v1.3.1.1 for Android devices.
Please read below for more info on the update!
  • Support for Lollipop Update
  • Enhanced Security System 

Auto update will proceed for Android devices only

The auto update won't take too long, but you'll be moved to the title page when the update starts.

Please go back to your village before the update begins to avoid any problems. 

(There will be an in-game notice 5 minutes before the update begins.)

Please check below for the different schedules for each server.

* Please note that iOS device users won't be moved to the title page during the auto update.

Update Times

Global Server - Nov.4th 11pm PST

Korea Server - Nov.4th 10pm PST

Japan Server - Nov.4th 10:30pm PST

China Server - Nov.4th 10:45pm PST


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