Happy Thanksgiving! Nov 25th - Dec 1st

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with Summoners War!
Take a bite of the special Thanksgiving Pie every day for special rewards!

Event Details
- Nov. 25th 12am - Dec. 1st 7am PST

Event 1. Try the Thanksgiving Pie and get rewards!
Eat a slice of Thanksgiving Pie once a day to get a total of 6 rewards!
You'll get a stamp for each slice you eat and you'll be able to get the next reward on the next day!
* Please tap the Event Icon and tap the Event Banner to view the event page.

Reward Details
Day 1 - 50 Energy
Day 2 - 50,000 Mana Stones
Day 3 - 30 Crystals
Day 4 - 100,000 Mana Stones
Day 5 - 1 Mystic Scroll
Day 6 - 100 Crystals

Event 2. Share Hearts with your friends!
Share Hearts (social points) with your friends during the event 100 times to get a special reward! (One time only)
The number of shared Hearts (social points) will be accumulated in the event page in real time during the event.

* Mission Reward
1 Mystical Scroll

How to share Hearts with friends (Once every 24hrs for each friend)
1. How to give Hearts
- Go to Community -> Friend List to send gifts to your friends (once every 24 hours)
- Take your friend's monster to a Dungeon to send social points.
2. How to receive Hearts
- Tap on the Inbox Icon on the left of the village to collect Hearts sent from your friends.
* Sending/receiving the social points once will be counted as 1.

3. Free Entrance to the Trial of Ascension (Nov. 29th)
No Energy will be consumed when entering the Trial of Ascension during the event!
Now's your chance to clear all 100 floors!

Free Entrance Times
1st: 1pm - 2pm PST
2nd: 9pm - 10pm PST

Event Details
The event page will reset every day at 7am PST.
Tap the button in the event page to collect your reward. Please try restarting the game if you don't get your reward. (One time only for each reward.)


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