Summoners War: Sky Arena Halloween Event 1 - Trick or Treat!

halloween event

Collect Halloween Candy and use them to Power-up to increase the success rate!
You'll also get bonus rewards for collecting Halloween Candy!

Oct. 23rd 12am - Nov. 1st 8am PDT
Rewards must be collected by Nov. 2nd 8am PDT

Event Details

Event 1. Find the Halloween Candy in the Treasure Box!

You'll get the Halloween Candy with a fixed chance every time you clear a Dungeon! (Secret Dungeons excluded)

* How to use Halloween Candy

Use the Halloween Candy for Rune Power-ups to double your success rate!

  1. Choose the Rune you'd like to Power-up.
  2. Select Halloween Candy before you tap [Power-up].
  3. Power-up!

Power Stones will disappear on Nov. 9th 8pm PDT, so make sure to use them up while you can!

- Location

All Dungeons (Scenario + Cairos)
* Please note that Secret Dungeons and Hall of Heroes are excluded from this event.

Find Halloween Candy and get bonus items!

You'll get a reward whenever you find 10/20/40/70/100 Halloween Candy! (One time only)
The number of collected Halloween Candy is shown on the event page.
Tap on the event icon inside the game and tap on the event banner to go to the event page.

Reward Details

10 Halloween Candy - 50 Energy
20 Halloween Candy - 30,000 Mana Stones
40 Halloween Candy - 1 Mystic Scroll
70 Halloween Candy - 100 Crystals
100 Halloween Candy - 150 Crystals

Event 2. Give Out Candy Every Day!

Tap the Give button to give out Halloween Candy after you collect Halloween Candy every day
and you'll get 20 Energy for FREE! (Once a day)
* Please go to the event page to participate in this event.
* This won't affect your total number of Halloween Candy in the event page or your Halloween Candy in the game.
Tap on the event icon inside the game and tap on the event banner to go to the event page.

Event 3. Enter the Halloween Dungeon and get Dark Monsters!

Collect the Summoning Pieces in the Secret Dungeon to summon monsters!
Collect all 6 Dark Monsters (Surprise Box, Monster Flower, Ghost, Mimick, Horned Frog, Sandman) and you'll get bonus rewards! (One time only)

Reward Details
  • 1 Mystic Scroll & 100,000 Mana Stones
Dungeon Schedule
25th 12pm - 26th 12pm PDT: Surprise Box Secret Dungeon
26th 12pm - 27th 12pm PDT: Monster Flower Secret Dungeon
27th 12pm - 28th 12pm PDT: Ghost, Mimick Secret Dungeon
28th 12pm - 29th 12pm PDT: Mimick Secret Dungeon
29th 12pm - 30th 12pm PDT: Horned Frog Secret Dungeon
30th 12pm - 31st 12pm PDT: Sandman Secret Dungeon

Event Details

  • The Event Rewards will be sent to your Inbox when you tap on the Collect Button. Please try restarting the game if you can't check the Rewards in your Inbox.
  • Event 2 Schedule: The event page resets every day at 8am PDT. You can participate in the event once every 24 hours.
  • Event 3 Requirements: You need to summon the monster using the Summoning Pieces dropped in the Secret Dungeon to participate. (Only monsters summoned during the event are counted towards the event.)
  • Please make sure to collect your rewards for Event 1 & 3 by November 2nd 8am PDT. (Event 2 excluded)